Pander much, Mr. Trump?

It happened again yesterday.  Donald Trump attempted to pander to a group he had previously insulted in the most obvious, simplistic and condescending way possible.  This is what he tweeted:


Donald Trump taco bowl tweet

I wasn’t aware that all Hispanics celebrate Cinco de Mayo, I was under the assumption that it was Mexico’s version of Independence Day, a celebration of the victory of the Mexican army over those damned French in 1862 at the Battle of Puebla.  Donald, Mexicans are Hispanics but no all Hispanics are Mexican.

Is this clumsy attempt at mending fences with those he’s criticized a new trend?  I’m sure whatever “intern” Trump blames for his factually inaccurate/nasty/arrogant tweets could use this method again and again as a lead up to the election.  Here’s the recipe:

  1. Post item on holiday affiliated with the offended group, or do your best to find some tie in to that group before Election Day.
  2. Include picture of Trump with something/someone he sees as symbolic or affiliated with the group he’s alienated.
  3. Add a shout out for a Trump property/product/possession.
  4. Declare Trump’s love for offendees.
  5. Be sure to include factual inaccuracies about the group itself that would be widely known to most people with a middle school education.

I can only imagine what group will be next on the pandering parade, maybe these?


Happy #Mother’s Day

For those of you currently without at bun in your oven,

the best remedy from the pain when you are bleeding from your wherever is a Trump Gold Bullion Chocolate Bar.

But don’t eat too many as you’ll end up fat pig and no man will love you, just ask Rosie O’Donnell.

I love Women!


Happy #Ramadan!

The best way to break your fast is with a tasty pork chop from Trump Cafe.

Remember, its sundown somewhere!

Less Muslims allowed in the US, more pork for all of us!

I love Muslims!


Happy #Juneteenth!

My favorite snack to celebrate the end of slavery is a box of Oreos aboard Trump Force One.

 The very best of black and white coming together for

all the right reasons, though naturally it is the white center that holds it together.

I can’t eat just one, the struggle is real.

I love African Americans!


Happy #Memorial Day

Celebrating the sacrifice of those who died protecting this county, which believe me, I’m going to make great again,

with a hot dog from Trump Cafe.

And thanks to all the veterans who served so I didn’t have to due to 4 draft deferments during college

and a bone spur in my foot, I couldn’t have amassed my great fortune if I put my life on hold like you did so selflessly.

You are all great heroes, even the POWs though they were captured.

I love Veterans!



Happy #Special Olympics Summer Games

Celebrating my handicap, 3.7, with a round of golf at Trump Turnberry Golf Course.

We should all embrace our challenges.

I love the Disabled!

jesus trump

Happy #Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Celebrating with a vigil in the lobby of Trump Tower.

Still don’t understand the whole virgin birth thing  but huge kudos to her for pulling it off.

I look forward to being assumpted at the end of my long and hugely successful life.

I love Catholics!



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